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  • Social Responsibility

    Although Xingda grows pretty well in business, Xingda never brushes social responsibility away.
    Social responsibility is part of the strategy plan of Xingda’s ESG blueprint, we attach great importance to social responsibility of Xingda itself and we promise to take this kind of responsibility to our supply chain, to help improve overall level of responsibility in the industry.
    Social Responsibility
    Our Involvement
    In order to reduce environmental and social risks in Xingda's supply chain, to build a sustainable supply chain, and to strengthen Xingda's core competitiveness, we have formulated this Supplier Code of Conduct, and require suppliers to comply with this Code, as well as the laws and regulations of the places where they operate and relevant provisions.
    Xingda will support suppliers to improve their social responsibility performance through communication, cooperation, and ESG assessment with suppliers, and thus promote their sustainable operations. Suppliers' compliance with Code will be one of the considerations in our purchasing decisions, and we will terminate business relationships with suppliers as appropriate if they do not comply with this Code.
    This Code focuses on:
    A. Business ethics
    B. Labour and human rights
    C. Health and safety
    D. Environmental protection
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