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  • Robust Operation Model

    We attach great importance to compliance and business ethics, and strictly manage various potential risks. Only with the establishment of a robust operation model will XINGDA be able to realize sustainable and high-quality development.

    Our Sustainability Commitment:

    By 2030, provide business ethics trainings for 100% of our employees and suppliers

    Corporate compliance management

    XINGDA upholds the principles of integrity and fairness, and incorporates compliance and business ethics into every aspect of our business operation. A comprehensive corporate compliance management is well established now. We also value the corporate ethical culture and strive to build a transparent and fair workplace.
    Comprehensive corporate compliance management
    Corporate ethical culture building
    A transparent and fair workplace
    We properly handle complaints and reports concerning business ethics. Employees and third parties may send anonymous reports to the Company’s public mailbox or call the hotline. Upon receiving such information, we will verify the reported case as soon as possible while strictly prohibiting the disclosure of the name, department and company name of the whistleblower to avoid retaliation. In case that a staff member leaks certain information of the whistleblower or takes retaliation against the latter, the employee in question will be dismissed or subject to termination of labor contract. Further, for those who violate the law, we will assist the judicial authorities for follow-up legal procedures.

    Reporting mailbox



    +86 523 80956588
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