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  • Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Structural and Functional Metallic Composites

    The Key Laboratory in Structural and Functional Metal Composites of Jiangsu Province was established in July 2014, and completed the acceptance procedures of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology on December 30, 2017.
    With a gross floor area of 6,000 m2 for R&D, the Key Laboratory mainly researches steel-based structural and functional composites. It works to establish the theoretical basis as well as the basic technical systems for the preparation, processing and application of the composition, structure and process design of high-performance metal composites. By building a performance-oriented control model for the whole process of preparation, processing and organization optimization, the Key Laboratory endeavors to take the huge leap from technology to science in the field of metal composites.
    Through research on the basic theory for metal material strengthening and composite technologies, as well as on generic technologies, key technologies and frontier topics, the Key Laboratory has furthered insights into the principles for material strengthening and composite technologies.
    Based on the different research directions, the Key Laboratory has set up three sub-platforms, namely, the Material Deformation Laboratory, the Material Composite Laboratory and the Basic Application Laboratory. Technical teams composed of relevant professionals have been assigned to these three laboratories accordingly, and internal technical exchanges are conducted to advance research projects and ensure the completion of R&D and testing tasks.
    Jiangsu Key Laboratory for Structural and Functional Metallic Composites

    Main research subjects

    Material Deformation Laboratory
    Material Composite Laboratory
    Basic Application Laboratory
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