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  • Jiangsu Xingda sees its sales increase by 11% in H1


    XINGDA, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber reinforcement materials, registered a 11% growth in sales volume in the first half of 2023. Among the overall sales, steel cord grew by nearly 12%, bead wire grew by 6%, and hose wire grew by 12%.


    XINGDA owns three production bases in China and Thailand. In 2022, XINGDA sold 1.055 million tons of steel wire products, commanding a market share of over 30% in China and 20% in the international market.


    In the first quarter of this year, XINGDA launched the expansion of its production facility in Shandong, bringing the annual output there to 280,000 tons of steel cord and 100,000 tons of bead wire. The construction of the second phase at Thailand will get underway soon and upon completion.


    it can achieve an annual output of 250,000 tons of steel cord and 100,000 tons of bead wire, and become a production base for high-end products exported to Europe and North America.

    XINGDA has built a global footprint, setting up branches and technical service centers in Europe, the United States, India, Japan, South Korea and  Brazil, while also establishing logistics and warehousing systems in the United States, Canada, Indonesia and Europe.

    In 2022, XINGDA released its first Sustainability Report , also the first of its kind by any Chinese manufacturer of rubber reinforcement materials, highlighting its leading role in championing sustainability in the industry. 

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