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  • Opportunities for Career Development

    XINGDA has developed “Measures for the Management of Position Changes” and “Management Measures for Employee Career Planning” for the purposes of promoting the long-term and stable development of employees in the Company, identifying their career development paths, standardizing employee behaviors in position changes, and ensuring fairness and rationality in the position changing process. Those two policies also aim to effectively develop and rationally use the Company’s resources, help clarify the direction of employee development, give full play to their professional expertise, promote their common development with the Company, enhance the company’s competitiveness, and realize the talent-based corporate development strategy.
    XINGDA determines the future development direction of employees according to their personal development goals, professional expertise and personal characteristics, and divides their training into three stages: on-the-job training, directional training and advanced training for promotion. The Company designates first-level departmental chiefs as principals for the planning of employee training, and it has also set up a number of career development channels that enable each employee to change his or her position either horizontally or vertically in the development process based on individual personality and professional expertise.
    Opportunities for Career Development

    Employee Training


    XINGDA organizes training for all employees to participate according to the corporate strategy and development requirements and based on the positions and functions of the participants.


    Training courses, lectures and skill competitions are held to encourage employees to participate in social education, cooperative education with colleges and universities, online learning, etc.

    Results of Employee Training

    Accreditation of Skill Levels

    Accreditation of Skill Levels

    2,796 persons accredited

    1 special-grade technician
    4 first-grade/senior technicians
    588 second-grade/technicians
    1,651 third-grade/senior workers
    188 fourth-grade/intermediate workers
    364 fifth-grade/junior workers

    Percentage among all employees


    The Company has established 1 provincial-level model workers’ innovation studio, 1 provincial-level skilled masters’ studio, 5 municipal-level skilled masters’ studios and the “XINGDA Employee Technology Innovation Workshop”, where 4 provincial-level chief technicians and 8 municipal-level chief technicians pass on their skills to apprentices under the leadership of project principals (i.e. the founders of the skilled masters’ studios), as an effort to train backbone talents with outstanding professional skills. 

    Appraisal of Employee Titles

    Appraisal of Employee Titles

    A total of 4 senior engineers at the researcher level, 22 senior engineers, 103 intermediate engineers and 126 assistant engineers.

    XINGDA Vocational Training School

    XINGDA Vocational Training School, based in the city of Xinghua, was established in September 2019. It mainly engages in the training of pre-job skills and vocational skills, and in the certification of vocational skill levels for employees. In line with the vocational levels of employees and with reference to China’s National Catalogue of Vocational Jobs, XINGDA Vocational Training School develops independent evaluation schemes and provides vocational training series to promote the development of specialized talents at different levels. So far, the School is entitled to independently certify such vocational jobs as fitter, electrician, metal extruder, lifting and loading machine operator, and steel wire maker.
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